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Links: Goal: To increase the competitiveness of the automotive component suppliers through their own and externally initiated projects in the identified fields of action. Target group: Automotive component suppliers Component, module and system suppliers, service providers Electrical and mechanical engineering, metal processing, plastic, ceramics, glass, logistics, computer technology, order development, etc. Minimum turnover of approx. 25% in the automotive component sector Intention of taking the next step towards co-operation, qualification and information acquisition Initiator and client: Bavarian Ministry for Economic Affairs, Transport and Technology under Minister Dr. Otto Wiesheu Project organizer: Bayern Innovativ GmbH, Nuernberg Advisory council: Representatives of industry, science, government ministries, chambers of commerce, associations, trade unions and banks The World's Most Trusted Marketplace for Custom-Manufactured Parts. Civil Code in English - Free of Charge The Dutch Association of Subcontracting Industries ("NEVAT") is the most important network of industrial subcontractors and suppliers in the Netherlands. As a trade organisation with approximately 200 members, the NEVAT speaks up on behalf of the Dutch subcontracting industry, acts as a platform for exchanging information and experience, and provides answers to the questions of both domestic and foreign subcontractors. The NEVAT accommodates a broad scale of specialised enterprises in the metalworking, plastics, and electronics manufacturing industries. It represents almost all production techniques and technologies, and includes businesses which supply single components op to businesses which develop and produce high-quality, custom-made modules and systems. This web portal informs on the different sectors, market trends and companies of the spanish subcontracting market. Further information: Regional subcon events, networks, initiatives. SupplyOn ist the automotive and related-technologies supplier network. Here you can identify new suppliers worldwide and learn about their manufacturing capabilities in the business directory of SupplyOn. If you are a supplier of the automotive industry you can open up the opportunities of eBusiness for your company and register at SupplyOn! is the European trading network for made-to-order parts and machine capacities. Supply and demand are brought together at, regionally or internationally. You can participate in our trading network quickly and easily. A specially developed technology allows you to expand your entire supplier and customer network. You thus save time and work more successfully. A continuously growing service portfolio supports future demands. Special security technologies guarantee the highest security standards. SupplyNet for VW-subcontractors. All data and information are exclusively designed for suppliers of Volkswagen AG. For questions and remarks concerning the different subjects you will have the opportunity to contact help desks. In spring 2000 the subcon platform 'zulieferer-online' has been launched. It's Germany's first web marketplace with service support and an own sales team. 'Zulieferer-online' will decisively influence the co-operation of small and medium-sized suppliers in a very positive way. Open up new markets will be more easier for them by using the platform. They are enabled to offer their services and products worldwide. 'Zulieferer-online' is working hard to knit a network to other subcon platforms. By using that tool of exchange of experiences you as well as your customers will have profits. You will be able to expand your image. Products and services of subcontracting industries for engineering, purchasing and manufacturing.


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